Good-for-you Fragrances!

When selecting a hair mask product, always check the label - and avoid products that include benzene, aldehyde or have the words “fragrance” or “parfum” on their labels. Organic hair conditioning products are chemical free. They contain no lead, artificial coloring, pigmentation or synthetic fragrances, which can be toxic and may cause health problems.

MaaDisha’s hair conditioning product, hairmask2, features unique “good-for-you fragrances” that come from plants and nature! 

Your Hair Needs TLC

Your hair is a skin organ that is affected – and damaged – by bleaching, dyeing, perming and straightening, as well as environmental factors. Hair shaft hydration is necessary to make your hair stronger and “tamer.” A hair mask product, such as hairmask2 from MaaDisha, purifies hair shafts and deeply conditions damaged hair. It also stimulates hair follicles and helps give you thicker, healthier hair while virtually eliminating all split- ends. For more details click on utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=hairmask

If you have health issues, always consult with your physician before starting any new health regimen.

Treat Yourself to a Scalp Massage to De-stress

A scalp massage is a wonderful way to revitalize yourself, as well as reduce your level of stress. When massaging your scalp with an oil product, such as Oil6 from MaaDisha, all you need is a comfortable place to lie or sit and the healing power of your fingertips. A scalp massage is quick, easy and helps to release endorphins and boost serotonin, which effect mood, create a sense of relaxation and reduce stress.

If you have health issues, always consult with your physician before starting any new health regimen.

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Scalp Massage

Your scalp is healthiest when it’s clean, but at times, it may need a little stimulation to keep any potential problems from surfacing. Scalp massaging stimulates nerves, helps increase blood flow and positively effects your overall well-being. MaaDisha hair oil can be easily applied to your fingertips and gently worked into your scalp for healthier hair, as well as good health in general. For more details, click here

No Kid Hungry- $1 for every bar of soap sold

One in six kids in America goes hungry every day. It’s a crisis that’s threatening our nation’s future and our children’s lives. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is helping end child hunger in our country by working to ensure that all children have access to healthy food where they live, learn and play. One dollar from the sale of each MaaDisha soap purchase goes to support No Kid Hungry. Visit

Whats your Prakriti?

Find our more about your personal Prakriti (Constitution of your body) by clicking here.

To test what you dominate Dosha is click here

What is your dominate Dosha?

Ayurveda 101: An Introduction

Do you know what Ayurveda is? Ayurveda translates into English as “The knowledge of Life.” It is considered to be one of the oldest medical systems in the world. The basic structure of this system is the balancing of the mind, body, and spirit. The basis of the medicine is holistic in nature as are the therapies that are used. Our product is ayurvedic because it uses natural ingredients that support the long term health of hair. But we feel that healthy hair is more than shampoo and oil. It is a life style. When you are healthy, your hair is healthy. We encourage you to learn more about Ayurveda. 

The view in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science of medicine, is that all of nature—including us—is bound by the relationships among the three doshas, or primal energies. Vata dosha is associated with the elements air and ether; it governs creativity and change, and tends to wax and wane. Governed by fire and water, pitta dosha is the energy of transformation, achievement, and metabolism. Kapha dosha is associated with earth and water; it suggests groundedness, stability, and growth.
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Product Spotlight: Soap5

Product Overview:

Don’t you just love how washing your hands with harsh chemicals gives them that dried out, sandpaper feeling? No? That doesn’t sound appealing? Good; we don’t think so either. That’s why Soap5 uses some of natures most powerful ingredients to give your hands natural moisture and leave them feeling like satin without the harmful chemicals. Soap5 has been formulated to rejuvenate your skin while harnessing the power of natures “Ayurganic” ingredients, as we like to call them.

“Ayurganic” Ingredients:

  1. Sunflower Oil – helps treat skin infections and inflammations
  2. Safflower Oil – offers powerful dirt and oil-removing abilities
  3. Coconut Oil – prevents dryness and flaking of skin
  4. Palm Oil – contains natural antibacterials that help protect skin cells
  5. Aloe – shields your skin from dangerous toxins


These “Ayurganic” ingredients are a rich source of Vitamins A, C, D, and E, all of which play an essential part in the holistic method of rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin. Soap5 is chemical-free and gives your hands natural moisture, leaving them feeling like satin. To learn more about Soap5, please visit